Mohtasham Garden; The Oldest Park of Rasht

Mohtasham Garden; The Oldest Park of Rasht


Mohtasham Garden; The Oldest Park of Rasht

Mohtasham Garden is the first park which was established in Rasht city. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Mohtasham Garden.


This place is also known as Park-e Shahr that was stablished in Qajar era. Mohtasham garden is located in Hafez street near Gohar Rud river.


Date of establishment of here was in Naser-al-Din Qajar. One of the rich men of country with name of Akbar Khan Biglarbeygi decided to build a park.

During that years, side walks and a mansion were built there with name of Kolah Farangi. After Beygi’s death, the garden was inherited to his daughter and she chose her husband’s name for here. When Reza Pahlavi gained the power, he seized here. Since in the past there was not enough public places, this park seemed huge for people and they got lost by walking in it. After Islamic revolution, an amusement park was built.

Kolah Farangi Mansion

One of the important parts of the park is Kolah Farangi mansion which is remained from Qajar era. This mansion with green view near here is one of the attractions of Rasht city. This mansion has 4 floors. But from the outside you will think that there are only 3 floors that is because the first and second floors are just one room. The top floor is like an octagonal shape that has windows. Materials of this building are brick and wood. Roof of that is made of clay. During the eras, it had different usages. For example, there was a place for living some high ranks in Qajar era and in other periods it was used as restaurant, place for playing chess and a school of classical arts.


You can find facilities of huge parks here. don’t worry about it because here is the biggest park in Rasht city. There are some fields for playing, bathrooms, prayer rooms, fountains, wooden benches and etc.

Best Time for Getting There?

The park is located in the city and all seasons with different beauties are suitable to visit here.

How to Get There?

Get to Hafez boulevard. You will find the Park.

Address: Iran, Gilan Province, Rasht City, Mohtasham Garden or Mohtasham Park

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