Minoo Island; Between Two Rivers

Minoo Island; Between Two Rivers


Minoo Island; Between Two Rivers

For an island, it is not necessary to be always in the middle of the sea or ocean because if a place is situated between two rivers we can consider it as an island.

In Khuzestan province, as you may know, there are rivers like Karoon, Arvand Rud, Dez and etc. that between two of which an island is places that its name is Minoo.

About Minoo Island

Two branches of Arvand Rud is crossing from two sides of Minoo Island. This water-situated place is 10 meters above the surface of the sea and it is 10 kilometers away from Khorramshar city.

The diameter of Minoo Island is 2.6 and its largeness is 8.17 kilometers.

An interesting point of Minoo Island is that there is a city in the middle of that and people of Abadan and Khorramshahe whenever want to have good time, they go to this city.

There are 5 rivers running in Minoo Island that 3 of them are originated from Arvand Rud and the other 2 are from Jarf river.

Minoo Island is unique in the world because the people of that don`t need any tool to water their farms.

This island is covered with palm trees which makes it a very demanding place for immigrant birds.

A wild animal lives in the dense trees of Minoo Island and it is hog.

Lots of the habitants of this island are Arabs, so the main language spoken here is Arabic.

If you happened to travel to this beautiful island, myDorna strongly suggests visiting farms of palm trees.

Attention: since south of Iran is so hot and humid in summer, you have to plan to go to Minoo Island in spring or at the end of winter.

How to Get There?

After exiting from Ahvaz, you should take a taxi or private car. Then head to Khrramshar city and about 10 kilometers to Khorramshar, you can reach Minoo Island.

Thanks from one of our visitors for sending pictures.

 Address: Iran, Khuzestan province, Ahvaz to Khorramshar road, Minoo Island

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