Meighan Wetland

Meighan Wetland


  Meighan Wetland

Meighan wetland is one of the wetlands of Iran that is located in Markazi province, 15 kilometers northeast of Arak city. Height of this wetland is 1700 meters above the surface of the sea, but this height is not stable and it changes during the year. Extent of this wetland is 25000 hectares that is consisted of a lake, plains around it and 3 islands that the biggest one of them is 500 meters.

This wetland has different and special ecological aspects. For example, migratory birds like flamingo come here every year. Based on Paleontology ideas, this wetland dates back to Paleocene era. Because of high population of common crane and some rare birds in this wetland, it has become more important to protect this region.

Because of salinity of the water, there are some salt domes and salt layers in this area. This wetland is also one of the most important sources for providing salt in Iran.
This wetland is also named as the desert wetland, since the pace of evaporating water is high during the year. Unfortunately, humans` interference has made water evaporate faster and has increased temperature of water.

History of Meighan Wetland

As we mentioned, this wetland dates back to Paleocene era and the reason of existence of it is because of moving layers of Saudi Arabia and Eurasia that make a huge pit.
Description of Wetland in Historical Sources
In the past, there was a small island and a ruined place. Some people quoted fictions about this place. For example, people say that the ruined place was castle of Nimrod or Pharaoh.

How to Get There?

This wetland is beside the airport of Arak city and by any vehicles you can get there. For getting there, you should go to Shahidan Rajaei highway and follow the highway to the airport.

Address: Iran, Markazi Province, Arak, airport of Arak, Meighan Wetland

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