Mausoleum of Attar Neyshaburi; An Iranian Poet

Mausoleum of Attar Neyshaburi; An Iranian Poet


Mausoleum of Attar Neyshaburi; An Iranian Poet

Nishapur is known because in the past was the center of Iranian culture. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during Mongols invasions. Beside Khayyam, Attar is also one of the prominent figures in literature of Iran. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Attar Neyshaburi and his Mausoleum.


Attar was a prominent poet and writer in 12th centuries. His name was Farid-Al-Din Abuhamed. Date of his birth is not exact. He was born in Kadkan village of Nishapur.

His father was apothecary and he continued his father`s job after his death. He was also a doctor. In addition, he was interested in mysticism. Historians say that he was in his market and a mendicant entered. He begged medicine but Attar didn’t give him because he didn’t have any money. The mendicant asked how will you die?

Attar answered: Just like everyone.

Mendicant answered: You are in mistake and he died after saying Allah. This happening changed the life of Attar and he got interested in mysticism and abandoned apothecary. He repented after that happening and traveled to Mecca and other religious cities. Finally, he was killed by a Mongol soldier during Mongols` invasion to Nishapur.


Tomb of Attar is located 1 kilometer west of Khayyam’s Tomb and very close to the Historical City of Shadyakh and Kamal-Al-Molk’s tomb. Distance of Attar’s tomb to the center of city is 6 kilometers.


Attar is a Persian world meaning a person whose job is selling herbal medicine.

Literary Works

The most famous works of Attar are Tazkiraz-ul Auliya, Asrarnameh, Elahinameh, Mokhtarnameh, Mosibatnameh, Divan-e Ashar, and Manteq-Al-Teir.

At first, the tomb was a small place. It was nearly destroyed during Timuriden era until Ali-Shir Nava’I built a tomb for him in 15th century. Ner-Ad-Dole in Qajar era also ordered to repair the tomb but it was unfinished. These days, shape of the tomb is octagonal with dome which is decorated with blue tiles.

The tombstone of Attar is black that some poems have been written on it. Last time that the tomb was repaired was the year of 1935.

How to Get There?

You can get there by any vehicle. For getting there, follow the way of Jomhury Blvd. At the end of the boulevard, you will see 2 ways. Turn right and pass the surpass. You will reach a square and you should follow the way that is in your right side. After passing 300 meters, turn right and follow the way to get to tomb of Attar.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan Province, Nishapur City, Tomb of Attar

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