Martian Mountains; Mars in Iran

Martian Mountains; Mars in Iran


Martian Mountains; Mars in Iran

It is not possible for everyone to go to space and visit Mars, Moon, Jupiter or etc.

Also, if you want to register for a trip to the atmosphere of the Earth, as some space agencies are doing so, it would cost you a lot. So myDorna suggests you visiting Martian Mountains in Sistan & Balouchestan province in Iran.

About Martian Mountains

These mountains which are also known as miniature mountains, have got a view so similar to the surface of the Mars and that is why the people have given this place the name of Martian Mountains.

One of the most unique features of Martian Mountains is that from right side of them you can reach the sea.

The mountains are made of sedimentary stones and the most obvious of creating is the erosion of rocks by wind and water.

There is no vegetation on the mountains because in the Mars plants cannot grow! The height of the mountains is different since in some parts it is 5 and in the other parts is more than 100 meters.

The largeness of this place is about 7 hectares with the view to Oman sea.

Facilities in The Area of Martian Mountains

There are two salons, bathrooms, restrooms and other demanding and necessary places for tourists.

Astronomy in Martian Mountains

Since this region is so unique and one-of-a-kind, the astronauts can come, see and enjoy the beautiful view of sky at nights.

Water in Martian Mountains

There is a wetland in this place that because of being existed in the desert, its color is pink or light red. This eye catching color attracts many photographers to take photos.

How to Get There?

After going to Sistan & Balouchestan, you have to continue your way from the road of Chabahar city to Govatr island. After passing 40 or 50 kilometers from Chabahr city, you can see Martian Mountains.

Address: Iran, Sistan & Balouchestan province, Chabahar city, Martian Mountains

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