Maranjab Desert; Dry or Fertile?

Maranjab Desert; Dry or Fertile?


Maranjab Desert; Dry or Fertile?

Maranjab is a desert located in Isfahan province. Traveling to Maranjab can be one of the good choices for a person who likes the desert. Keep reading to know more.


Sands, desert plants, desert animals and other features of Maranjab could be the reasons of your choice for traveling here. Maranjab desert is located at the northern of Aran Va Bidgol county in Isfahan province. It seems that Shah Abbas I has chosen the name of this desert.


Finding a place to dig the ground and find water was too hard for the people and that is the reason they named here as Mard-e Ranjab which then changed to Maranjab. You may think here is dry, but there are different animals and plants.

Animals: wolf, hyena, fox, snake, lizard, cheetah, falcon and etc. Vegetables; Tamarisk, cactus and etc.

Plants: Like cactus, tamarisk, And the other desert plants.

sand hills and amazing landscape of stars at night are different attractions in Maranjab.

Sargardan island is also one of the other attractions here surrounded by salt water. Most of the time, around the island is dry, but sometimes it is surrounded by water.

There are different marshes in the desert that you should be careful about. One of the historical places which has been built by order of Shah Abbas I is Maranjab Caravanserai.

How to Get There?

Travel to Kashan and after going to Aran Va Bidgol, then follow Maranjab road.

Address: Iran, Isfahan Province, Aran Va Bidgol, Maranjab desert

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