Maharloo Lake; A Lake with the Color of Blood

Maharloo Lake; A Lake with the Color of Blood


Maharloo Lake; A Lake with the Color of Blood

In the southeastern part of Shiraz city, on the way from Shiraz to Fasa, a red-colored lake is located that attracts tourists every year. There are some different birds living near Maharloo Lake like flamingos. Near this lake, there is a village dating back to Safavid era and its name is derived from name of the lake (Maharloo village). There are also some other places near here like; cemetery of village and monument of Bibi-Sharifeh.

Length of Maharloo Lake is 160 and width of it is 43 kilometers. Water of this lake tastes salty and it is a good source for utilization and preparing salt. Different plants like oaks, willows and almonds trees exist there. There is no fish in this lake, but different kinds of amphibians are living there. Also, some reptiles like snake, lizard and turtle live here.

Since evaporation of water is so high, the main source for taking back the evaporated water is small branches of rivers that pour to the lake from northwestern and southeastern part of it. Largeness of Maharloo is different because of different amount of rainfall during the year.

Evaporating water during the year helps to spread algae in the lake. The red color existing there is because of spreading red algae in the last years. This type of algae that lives in this lake is resistance against briny of Maharloo Lake.

How to Get There?

Maharloo Lake is located on the way of Shiraz to Fasa, after passing 20 kilometers from Shiraz, you can reach it.

Address: Iran, Fars province, Southeastern Part of Shiraz City, On the Way of Shiraz to Fasa

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