Local Costume of Turkmen people in North of Iran


Local Costume of Turkmen people in North of Iran

Turkmen are another groups of people living in Iran whom can be found in the northern part, especially in Golestan province.

These people have very particular and well-known cloth that if you see them and they don’t speak, even a word, you can identify them just because of their local costume.

Keep on reading to myDorna introduces you this beautiful piece of cloth.

The Main Cloth of Turkmen

Turkmen`s main cloth is a kind of long fabric from and is called Reda.

The shape of that is so similar to Thawb (Arab`s main cloth) but it has difference.

The front part of it is open and has some buttons.

Also, another name for it is available that somebody call it Doon.

There are other clothes used in different situations. For example, Chakman is like a coat or Ichmak is a wintery cloth.

The shirt of Turkmen is called Koonik and their pants are called Balagh.

In addition to shirts and pants, Turkmen wear hats which are called Talpak and Boorik.

What These Colthes Are Made of?

Reda is made of silk and it is to the length of knees.

Chakman is made of wool of camels.

Ichmak is made of four up to eight crusts of sheep.

Koonik is made of fabric.

Balagh is made of wools.

Tlapak is made of crusts of local animals and Boorik is made of wools.

If you traveled to Golestan province and visited Turkmen island, myDorna strongly suggests buying or at least trying on their local costume.

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