Local Costume of Men of The Kurds in North Khorasan


Local Costume of Men of The Kurds in North Khorasan

Mydorna has made you familiar with the clothes of Kurdish people in Kurdistan, Kermanshah and West Azerbaijan and in this piece of information, we are going to introduce to you the local costume of Kurdish people living in North Khorasan province.

Which cities of North Khorasan do the Kurdish people live in?

Qoochan, Shirvan and Bojnord are the host towns of these people who wear different clothes with the  Kurdish living in the three mentioned provinces.

Kolah (hat)

The Kurdish in North Khorasan has two types of hats; one made of nomad and the other made of skin.

Most of the time, when they put on the hats, there is a colorful piece of fabric connected to the hats.

Pirahan (shirt)

The color of the shirt the Kurdish in North Khorasan wear, is almost always red or white, containing buttons in the front part.

Shalvar (pants)

Unlike the Kurds in the western part of Iran, the Kurdish in North Khorasan wear pants in black and a little tight.

Joorab (sucks)

The sucks of these people are mainly made by their wives and they put the extreme part of pants in sucks.


There is an equivalent for the word Pataveh which is band wrist.

The men usually use this cloth to put it on their sucks.

Pataveh is about 1 meter is length and 20 centimeters in width.


Charoogh is a traditional pair of shoes made of leather that the front part of which is in an upright way.


Ghaba is a kind of cloth that its length is comes to the knees of the men.

Ghaba is mainly made by Kurdish women and it is made of wooly fabrics.

Sometimes, Kurdish people in North Khorasan wear a leathery belt on Ghaba.

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