Lipar; Bloody Wetland

Lipar; Bloody Wetland


Lipar; Bloody Wetland

There are two places in Iran which have bloody water. One of them is Maharloo lake and the other one is Lipar wetland. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Lipar.

Introduction of Lipar

There are many lakes, seas and wetlands all around the world, but a few of them are special. Unusual color of the water is because of types of algae, microbes and planktons. Lipar wetland is located in strait on the way of Chabahar beach road to Govatr Gulf on 15 kilometers east of Chabahar.

Plants in Lipar

Oaks and nettles have given a breathtaking view to the lake. Existence of some birds like eagle, flamingo and some rare creatures has made the wetland a special must-visit place. There are some plants like cotton near wetland which are used for handicrafts.

Ecosystem of Lipar

Tides of the sea, living rare birds and bloody color of water are the most special features of Lipar. As we explained, the reason of mysterious color of water is algae, planktons, some mineral materials and microbes. Planktons are the most important creatures which have given bloody color to the wetland.

Lipar has been established with request of Mr. Dadkarim Sheikhzadeh and with the help of native people in the year of 1993. The wetland with abundant rainfalls and mild weather attract different species of animals and birds. Living things of the lake consist of birds, various plants, planktons, fishes and etc.

How to Get There?

Follow the beach road of Chabahar to reach Lipar wetland.

Address: Iran, Sistan & Balouchestan province, Chabahar city, Lipar wetland

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