Latyan Dam; Source of Water of Tehran

Latyan Dam; Source of Water of Tehran


Latyan Dam; Source of Water of Tehran

Latyan Dam is placed on Jajrud river which is 10 kilometers northeast of Tehran. This dam prepares 30 percent of water of Tehran. Studying about a suitable place for construction of Latyan Dam started in 1959. Construction of the dam started in 1963 and finished in 1966. Name of this place was Farahnaz at first, but name of it changed to Latyan after Islamic revolution.

Latyan Dam

Latyan is the name of a village located near here. The dam is located in southern part of Lavasan. It is surrounded by two forest parks with names of Tellow Daryacheh and Latyan. The dam has been constructed in a valley between Bandak and Jajrud mountains. Latyan Dam is placed on Jajrud river and it transfers 350 million square meter of water each year. In addition to preparing water for drinking, Latyan Dam is also a suitable source for water of farms.

Jajrud River

As you know, one of the positive points of any dam is making electricity. Latyan is making 70000 megawatt electricity every year. In recent years, level of water has increased because of transferring water from Lar Dam.

How to Get There?

There are 2 ways for getting there. The first way is from Lashgarak road and Quchak and the second way is from Tehran to Damavand

Address: Iran, Tehran, Latyan Dam

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