Kool-Khersan; Valley of Ghosts

Kool-Khersan; Valley of Ghosts


Kool-Khersan; Valley of Ghosts

Be Careful Don’t Endanger Your Own Life

Before we explain about Kool-Khersan, we should tell you this valley with its awesome nature would kill you. So we suggest if you are not experienced or don’t know anything about Kool-Khersan, do not travel there without a professional leader. Take it serious.


The reason of naming is not determined exactly. Kool means a closed valley and Khersan is the plural form of Khers meaning Bear. People believed that bears were living there before.


Kool-Khersan is one of the attractions which is not known among people. As Raghz Canyon, you can see rocky walls, rivers, waterfall and etc.

On The Way to Kool-Khersan

For reaching Kool-Khersan, you should be a patient person. You have to pass a long way by walking. Then pass lake of Dez Dam. Then, you will reach Shadab Natural castle. Pass the way to reach.


Kool-Khersan is a name of valley located in Dezful city. This canyon is a part of Zagros mountains. If you stand in the valley, you will be surrounded with tall walls. This is why here is called Valley of Ghosts.

You should pass 25 kilometers for reaching the valley. When you see the landscape of Kool-Khersan, you will just be thinking to pass and will forget your tiredness. Walls of the valley are so closed that only one person can go. You should have a helmet and when you reached the valley, you should put it on because rocks can fall down. You have to pass a very close way between walls with height of 200 meters.

Heart of the valley is covered with sands and a river streaming. When you pass more distances, walls will become closer. When you reached two ways, follow the right one. You need more than 4 hours to reach the end of the valley. At the end of your destination, surface of water rises and you must swim. Your travel gets tougher from here.

If you are a brave person, you can continue the way but if you are not professional and you are fearful, it is better to come back. You will have 10 kilometers to get to the end of the valley.


1. Awesome Nature
2. Springs of Water
3. Gahar Pond
4. Whirlpool

Where Should You Stay?

There is no village near the valley to rent a suite. The only way to stay is camping. If you want to pass the valley completely, you should stay for 2 days.

Best Season

Take it serious. Knowing the best season or day is so important for traveling to Kool-Khersan. Best season for traveling is the end of spring in June, but being aware of weather forecast is more important.

Temperature of the valley is so low and sometimes is -30°c. Some visitors have died because of frostbite. Do not affray. If you have a professional leader, dangers do not threat you a lot.

How to Get There?

There are 3 ways for getting to Kool-Khersan.
1. From Bisheh Bozan village: Access from Shahyun Road.
2. From Paqale Village: Access from Shahyun road.
3. From Islamabad Village: Access from Shohada Boulevard in Dezful city.

Address: Iran, Khuzestan Province, 32 kilometers northern of Dezful city

Guidance: You need to walk 4 kilometers for reaching the valley. unfortunately, we didn’t find any map in google maps. For finding the valley, ask from native people and pro tour leaders.

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