Kish Island; Culture, Souvenirs and Local Costumes

Kish Island; Culture, Souvenirs and Local Costumes


Kish Island; Culture, Souvenirs and Local Costumes

Kish is one of the most famous islands and tourist attractions in Persian Gulf. In this post, we want to familiarize you with Kish. Be with Dorna Trip.


Map of Kish is like oval. Area of it is 91 square kilometers. Last census in 2011 showed that the population of the island is 24819 people.


During the history, at first, the island was under control of Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanid kings. During the invasion of Arabs, it went under control of Umayyad Caliphs. After collapse of Umayyad Government, an Iranian governor, a disobedient of Arab Caliphs, controlled the island. Kish got developed during the times and became an important trading place in the world. The island was colonized by Portuguese army during Safavid era, but Shah Abbas the second freed it. During the reign of Pahlavi Dynasty, the island was a special place for finding pearl, but because of finding these valuable things in beaches of Japan, the value of Iranian pearl decreased.


Some historical proofs show that the old name of the island was Kian and that is because of Kian Dynasty here in the past. Kish was a place in Babol city in the history. Some historians believe that a group of people from Kish in Babol immigrated to the island and named here as it is now.

Culture and Local Costume

Local costume of Kish people is Dashdasheh and Araghchin. Women wear kind of local clothes with names of Malfa and Batuteh and a kind of mask like moustache on their faces.


There are different people with different religion and tradition living here. Jobs of the people are fishing, trading, sailing and any other job related to the sea. Eid-Al-Adha and Event of Ghadir are the most common eves held here annually. During Ghadir holydays, people put green wheats in water. They also sacrifice sheep in Eid-Al-Adha as the other Muslims do in the year. During the years of prophetic mission of Muhammad, 12 or 13 years old girls used to knock the doors of people in city while holding bowls in their hands. Hosts gave them henna. The girls brought the bowls of henna their houses and theor relatives and put their hands in them. During Nowruz, people prepare Haft Sin.


You can buy different handicrafts like clayey dishes, tent, basket, costumes and etc.

Ethnic Foods

Ethnic Foods of Kish are usually made of sea products. Some ethnic foods of Kish date back to Achaemenid era.

Names of Ethnic Foods

  1. Samak Mashvi (grilled fish)
  2. Margug
  3. Sugar Rice
  4. Mazrubeh
  5. Hariseh
  6. Majus Rice


  1. Greek Ship
  2. Harireh Historical City
  3. Baghu Village
  4. Water Park
  5. Wild Life Park
  6. Birds Garden
  7. Pool of Dolphins
  8. Beach Parks


The most popular souvenirs of Kish are fish and shrimp. You can also buy chocolate and coffee as the other souvenirs.

Address: Iran, Hormozgan Province, Kish Island

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