Kariz; Wonders of Iranians` Digging


Kariz in English means aqueduct. Without any doubt, we can say that Iranian were pioneers of creating aqueduct. Be with myDorna.

 Kariz Aqueduct

 Kariz aqueduct has history of 2500 years and used to provide water for people in Kish island in the past and also today.

This place is not an underground city, it is a big and long canal for transferring water. It is named as underground city because of some ways in this canal for walking. This place is 16 meters underground. Researches show that there are fossils of corals on the roof of this canal.  Experiments in Munich university show that the age of this roof dates back to 110 or 550 million years ago and people who built here used the fossils of corals for building this place. There is also a turtle’s fossil age of 570 million years.

Length of this aqueduct is 15 kilometers and it is one of the longest aqueducts of Iran. In this long way, there are some walls and it shows that water in this place was still and also running. The water of this aqueduct was used for drinking, irrigation of plants, preparing water for the ships in Kish island and etc.

Source of the water of aqueduct is rainfall during the year and it is purified by crossing through natural filters (coral fossils).

An amazing point of this aqueduct is that this place was built with normal slope and it is easy to collect water in a vase (in the past people used vase for collecting water).


How to get there?

After reaching Kish island, you can get there by taxi, car, and bus.


Address: Iran, Hormozgan province, Kish Island, Olympic Sq. Mirmohana.

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