Kang Village in Mashhad, Iran


Kang Village in Mashhad, Iran

Mashhad is a well-known and religious city located in northern-east part of Iran.

The city is surrounded with different cities and villages which can be considered as tourist attractions. One of these villages is called Kang.

Kang village is 29 kilometers away from Mashhad in western part.

Kang Village

Tourist attractions of the village are rivers, traditional and historical architecture and cool weather.

The special shape of houses that the roof of one home is the yard of the other, is the most important feature of the village.

Kang`s establishment is dated back to pre-Islamic era of Iran.

روستای کنگ

In Kang, you can feel the hospitality of Iranian because the inhabitants welcome new comers warmly.

Due to the fact that Kang is on the mountainside, weather of the village is often windy and that is why lots of foreigners visit from Kang every year.

In addition to all of things that mydorna said about Kang, we have to add that historical mosque and graveyard and some other religious buildings are existed in the village.

Apart from tourist attractions and buildings, Kang is rich in the field of remedies and fruits. Cherry and sour cherry are the most important gardening products.

People in Kang mainly make living by gardening, animal husbandry and carpeting.

The village is connected to Zoshk and Shandiz, two places known for their natural beauties.

The houses in Kang have one yard which is the roof of the topper home. Also, the people can enjoy their spare time in Iwans made of woods.

معماری کنگ

The most important souvenirs of Kang are; barberry, saffron, traditional candy called Nabat and fresh fruits.

Also you can taste delicious and traditional foods like Ash, Balghour, Shole, ethnic breads and etc.

How to get there?

Since Kang is near to Mashhad, you can get there by taking a taxi or using public transportation such as buses or metro.

Address: Iran, 29 kilometers to Mashhad, Kang village.

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