Kandovan Village; A Village Like Bee Hives

Kandovan Village; A Village Like Bee Hives


Kandovan Village; A Village Like Bee Hives

Kandovan is one of the most special villages in the world because of its shape. It is placed in East Azerbaijan province. Keep on reading so that myDorna would introduce here to you.

Structure of The Village of Kandovan

Structure of the village is like a big hive. Materials of the houses are rock and there is no clay. This houses are created because of carving in the rocks.

One of the interesting points is that these rocks were created because of volcanic effects of Sahand mountain during thousands years. Effects of wind and rainfall also eroded this place. Internal space of the houses is warm in winters and cold in summers. Ground floors of the houses were used as stable and upper floors used as houses. For going upstairs, there are natural rocks that lead you there.

History of Kandovan Village

It is said that first people who lived there, were from the village of Hilevar with distance of 2 Kilometers near Kandovan. People of Hilevar moved to Kandovan and hid because of Mongols invasions. Some archaeologists said that this village dates back to the rise of Islam in 6000 years ago.

Weather of Kandovan Village

This village is located in a green region and has a very good weather, in fact mild weather.

People’s Jobs and Souvenir of Kandovan Village

Honey is one of the most important souvenirs of Kandovan. You can also buy some dry fruits and fresh fruits like cherry, apricot and etc. from this village.

Handicrafts are also souvenirs of Kandovan. Mineral springs are good for kidney diseases. Job of the people are farming, animal husbandry and producing handicrafts.

Tourist Attractions of Kandovan Village

This place is one of the tourist attractions. Attracting 300 thousands tourist in every year demonstrate this truth. Rocky hotel of this village is a suitable place for passengers they travel to here.

How to Get There?

This village is situated in the southwestern part of Tabriz ,60 kilometers away. For getting there, at first go to Osku. Continue the way from Osku city to the south and pass Sfanjan city and Kanhamu village to reach this place.

Address: Iran, East Azerbaijan province, Southwestern Part of Tabriz city, Kandovan Village

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