Jujeh Kabab


Jujeh Kabab (also known as Roast Chicken) is an Iranian dish consisted of grilled chunks of chicken which are sometimes with bone and other times without. This is one of the most common and popular dishes of Iran. It is common to marinate the chunks in minced onion, lemon juice and sometimes saffron.

The way of baking Jujeh Kabab is like Chelow Kebab, just the ingredients are different.


Two onions

Breast of chicken

Ginger (in adequate amount)

Soft oil and powder of saffron (1/3cup)

Lemon juice (5 teaspoons)

Four tomatoes

Butter, pepper, and salt (in adequate amount)

How to Bake?

Cut the breast of chicken and cut down the onions like the pictures. Put the chicken’s breasts and onions in the pot and add oil, powder of saffron, ginger, salt, and pepper to it.

Rile the ingredients until the oil is mixed completely with chickens and the color of the chickens changes to yellow.

Then cover the pot with nylon and put it into the refrigerator for 5-8 hours.

After that, skewer chickens and tomatoes like the picture and put it on barbecue and change position of the chickens like straight angle and fan during the time of cooking.

You can pour watery butters on chickens and like Chelow Kebab.

Having cooked Juje Kebab, you can eat it with rice or bread.

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