Javaher Dasht; Bride of Plains

Javaher Dasht; Bride of Plains


Javaher Dasht; Bride of Plains

Javaher Dasht is a village that is located in the eastern part of Gilan province near Samamus summit. This village is a great place for visiting beautiful nature in summer.

Different features like green nature, excellent weather and ideal place attract everyone to Javaher Dasht.

There is a monument of Noghre Abbas in Javaher Dasht which is a religious place for Muslims to pray. Also, delicate plants have beautified the nature in Javaher Dasht. Village doesn’t have any plumbing, so people use mineral water.

In the southern part of the village, there is a summit with name Samamus with height of 3620 meters. If you like mountaineering, you must have a native leader for climbing Samamus.

Why Is It Called Javaher Dasht?

There are different opinions for naming the village. Some people believe that there was a woman living here with name of Javaher whom was very respectful for local people. Some others believe that Javaher Dahsht used to be a desert, but since it got changed to a flourishing village it took the name of Javaher Dasht.

How to Get There?

You should travel to Kelachay or Chaboksar city near Rudsar county. Near these two cities, find Siahkalrud road. Follow Siahkalrud to Javaher Dasht road to reach Javaher Dasht village.

Address: Iran, Gilan province, Rudsar county, Javaher Dasht

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