Javaher Deh; A Heaven on Earth

Javaher Deh; Part of Heaven


Javaher Deh; A Heaven on Earth

Mazandaran is one of the flourishing provinces of Iran and has a lot of tourist attractions. One of which is Javaher Deh. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Javaher Deh.

Description and Features of Javaher Deh

Javaher Deh is placed in Mazandaran province with green nature and lovely people. Weather of this village in spring and summer is cool, during autumn is cold and during winter snow covers all the village. Jobs of the people of the village are farming, animal husbandry and gardening. Most of the people wear local costumes. Men usually wear pants, shirt and hat. Women wear long skirt, scarf and pajamas. One of the campaigns between Mirza Kuchik Khan and military troops happened in this village. Based on documents, the road to this village was built by Germans.

History of Javaher Deh

Some historians believe that from Sassanid period until Buyid dynasty, Zoroastrians used to bury corpses and put gold and precious things in the graves. They also believe that the name of this village is chosen because of its location. Javaher means jewelry, so the historians believe that this village was the source of jewelries in the past. Also, some documents indicate that this name was chosen because a lot of wheat fields existed around this village. Some historians also believe that the name is derived from the name of a woman who was known as Javaher.

Population of Javaher Deh

Interestingly, most of the villagers live out of the country in the year. The village consists of 12 districts, the Julakhil is the largest and most populous.

Historical and Amazing Places of Javaher Deh

Monument of Shah Yahya, natural glaciers and Sorkh Taleh mountains are tourist attractions of this village.

Adineh Mosque

This mosque belongs to Muslims and in the past it was used as fireplace for Zoroastrians. Age of this mosque is nearly 700 years.

 Attention: get there with full fuel, because there is no gas station.

How to Get There?

This village is placed in the middle of Somamos forests in the southern part of Ramsar city. After getting to Ramsar, you should follow Javaher Deh road and after passing a long way, you will reach this village.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Ramsar City, Somamos Forests, Javaher Deh

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