History of the Torchlight + Video

History of the Torchlight + Video

History of the Torchlight + Video

50 years ago in Iraq, Saddam Hussain exiled nearly 500 or 600 thousand people from the religious cities of Karbala, Najaf, Kazimain, Samarra and others on the pretext of having Iranian originality. These people came to Iran and each group of them lived in different part of our country, however, despite their lives in Iran, they still retain their Arabic originality, speak Arabic and dress like Arabs.

The Torchlight of Arabs Residing in Mashhad City

The ceremony is held at eighth, ninth and tenth nights of Muharram in Hosseiniyeh Najafi, resident of Mashhad, in which mourners hold some flags on each of them another smaller flag is placed. The Najafi people move the flags and head toward the holy shrine of Imam Reza.

What Do They Mean by Doing These Things?

in this type of ceremony, there are different answers, but the most acceptable one is that these mourners want to say that they are always ready for fighting against enemies of Imam Hussain and by turning on the torches, they actually hold the fire of the war.

Note: This ceremony is also held in Qom, Tehran and other cities in which Najafi people live. You can watch a video of this ceremony attached above.


Source Isna News Agency Mizan Online News Agency T News

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