Heyran Region; Attractive Nature of Iran

Heyran Region; Attractive Nature of Iran


Heyran Region; Attractive Nature of Iran

Based on interviews with people, traveling by our own car is better than airplane, train and other vehicles because of beautiful nature in the road. We explained in the previous posts about Asalem to Khalkhal road and in this post we intend to explain another region like Asalem to Khalkhal. Stay with us.


Heyran region is one of the attractive parts of Iran. This region is located on the way from Astara to Ardabil with area of 35 kilometers. There are two views of the region. One of them is forests with mounts and another side is Azerbaijan forests.


Heyran in Persian means wondered and it is because of the beauties in the region that makes everyone feel wondered.


  1. Nature in Fog

First thing that wonders you is the road in forest. By passing, you will see cottages and horses that are moving around. Height of highest part in here is 1500 meters. You will see fog in some parts of here that is because of Caspian Sea.

  1. Hirkan national Park

You will see thick forest near here located close to the borders of Azerbaijan Country. It is called Hrikan National Park.

  1. Villages

There are different villages near here that we refer to them:

  1. Heyran Village
  2. Meshend
  3. Kashfi


  1. Driving

As you drive, you can see different parts of the region and enjoy the nature.

  1. Facilities

There are joyful things near here that like tele cabin, carting and etc. There are also restaurants and coffee shops here in which you can order foods and stay for hours.

  1. Mountaineering


You can by souvenirs of Heyran region like honey, dairy, corn and hazelnut.

Places to Stay

There is a tourist part here with different facilities like bathroom, restaurants, pergolas, playing tools and etc. in which passengers and tourists can stay. Don’t worry about staying because there are hotels, houses and tourist camp here. You can also pitch a tent.

Address: Iran, Astara to Ardabil Road, 5 kilometers near Astara

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