Hasal Lagoon; A Colorful Lagoon

Hasal Lagoon; A Colorful Lagoon


Hasal Lagoon; A Colorful Lagoon

Hasal lagoon is located near Chalus road. There are 10 kilometers distances to there from Chalus road. An hour, you need to walk. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Hasal Lagoon.


You can choose two ways. First one is continuing the road to reach Caspian Sea, the second one is following a road to a red lagoon. You need to pass 10 kilometers to reach the red lagoon. One hour, you should walk. Colors of the lagoon are orange, red and green that red color is more visible. Living of different algae is the reason of lagoon being colorful. This lagoon has no fish, but turtles and frogs are living here. Pay attention not to swim because of aquatics living in it.

From the first view, you may not think that it is a lagoon and you feel that here is a plain with red soil, but when you approach, you will see red water. When you want to get there, we offer you to take water, food and etc. with yourself.

There is no market after Marzanabad. There is also no sign for leading you to Sinava jungle, where the Hasal lagoon is located. You should turn on a GPS or ask from native people and tour leaders.

How to Get There?

By following one of the secondary ways from Chalus road, you can get there. The lagoon is located at southern part of Talajow and Sinava Villages in a region of jungle named as Mash-al. 10 kilometers near Chalus, follow a secondary way on your left side in Chalus road. It is a dirt road leading you to Sinava village. After passing 300 meters of the road, you will see two ways. For reaching lagoon, follow the way on the right side. You will get to the jungle where you should park your car and walk toward the lagoon. If you don’t know about the way, ask from foresters in Bani’s state. In this state, there are bathrooms and faucets for drinking water.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Chalus City, Hasal Lagoon

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