Gozar Khan Bazaar, Qom city

Gozar Khan Bazaar, Qom city


Gozar Khan Bazaar, Qom city

Qom city is considered as the most important religious city of Iran since there are lots of geology schools in it, but this does not mean that trading is not profitable. To prove this idea, we can name Gozar Khan Bazaar which is a very famous place of trading not only in Qom, but in Iran.

About Gozar Khan Bazaar

Gozar Khan Bazaar was built in 300 years ago.

Since the Arabs immigrated and lived in Qom, trading became profitable in this place.

The owners of the stores of Gozar Khan Bazaar, are mostly Arabs who were exiled from Iraq when Saddam Hussain became the president of that country. So when they immigrated from Iraq, some of them became habitant of Qom and started their business in Gozar Khan Bazaar.

How to Get There?

Gozar Khan Bazaar is located in the central part of Qom, so you can get there by car or by bus. Also, walking can be the other option you can choose to reach Gozar Khan Bazaar.

Address: Iran, Qom province, Qom city, Gozar Khan Bazaar

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