Geshniz Kabab; Rounded Kebab

Geshniz Kabab; Rounded Kebab


Geshniz Kabab; Rounded Kebab

Geshniz Kabab is an ethnic food of Maku city which is cooked like round shapes. This food is eaten with bread. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Gheshniz Kabab.


Mincemeat (500 grams)

Split chickpea (200 grams)

Two medium onions

Two eggs

Washed coriander (500 grams)

Six dried limes

Wheat flour (one soupspoon)

Liquid oil

Powder of pepper




How to Cook?

Pour water in a pot and decant split chickpeas to it after washing them. Put a pot on stove with high temperature. When you feel the water is boiling, turn the flame down and put cover of pot. Wait for 45 minutes for chickpeas to co cook. Decant them in a plate. In the next step, split one of the onions and decant mincemeats with half bulb of onion in a food chopper. After crushing onion and grinding meats, decant them in a bowl. In the next step, decant chickpeas with the other half bulb of onion in a food chopper and crush them. When they crushed, add them to the bowl of meats and knead them.  Add salt, powder of pepper and turmeric to them. Crack eggs into the bowl and stir them to mix completely. When they get mixed, make meatballs.

Next, Chop coriander with a knife.

Attention: chop coriander in big bunches.

In a pan, pour oil and put it on stove with medium temperature, then, add chopped coriander to it and roast them. Chop the second onion like cube. In a separate pot, pour oil and add chopped onion. Roast onion until it becomes orange. Then add flour to the pot and mix them. Add a cup of water to the pot.

Attention: Don’t add water when the oil is hot. Turn the stove off, let it to become cold and then add water.

Wash dried limes and make some holes in them with a fork. Add them to the pot and boil them with water. When they boiled, add coriander to them and wait for 15 minutes to cook. Add meatballs to them and wait 5 minutes for meats to cook. Now your food is ready.

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