Galapagos Islands Time Lapse


Galapagos Islands Time Lapse

In this video you will get information about population of Galapagos Islands, people of there, the meaning of Galapagos and other information about it. If you watch this time lapse, you will definitely feel inspired and amazed. Also, by seeing the creatures in this island, you will think differently about the world and will find human beings as annoyances who are invading the nature and animals cannot do anything but tolerating them.

Word of Galapagos is a Spanish term which is name of series of islands.

These twenty-one islands are located in the Pacific Ocean. The eighteen of these places are known as the major islands.

Ecuador is the administrator of these islands and it can be interesting that this country has named the province, Galapagos.

Information about islands

The capital city of Galapagos Province is a city named Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

The islands are believed to be volcanic places and dangerous but adventurous to visit.


Galapagos is a home to about 27 million people (according to statistics of 2012).

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