Fasenjan stew


dorna is trying to introduce Iranian dishes and now it is time to familiarize you with Fesenjān stew.

Fesenjān stew is an Iranian dish flavored with chicken, ground walnut.

Fesenjān has some variants. For example, balls of ground meat, ghormeh cut lamb, fish, or no meat at all. Depending on the cooking method, it can have sweet or sour taste. Fesenjān is served with Iranian white or yellow rice (polo or chelo).


 Walnut (400 grams)

 Torn chicken

 An onion

 Grenadine (5 teaspoons)

 Sugar (3 teaspoons)

 Pepper, salt, and turmeric (in sufficient amount)

 Oil (2 spoons)

 Boiled saffron powder

How to cook?

First step

Cut the onion, put it on the pot, and add turmeric with oil and rile it with spoon and medium heat on stove until the onion is smoothed.

Second step

Add powder of walnut to the pot and rile.

Third step

After 4 minutes, add grenadine to the mixed in the pot and rile it again for some minutes.

Fourth step

Add pepper, salt, and saffron to the torn chicken and rile it in separate pot with medium heat on stove until the chicken’s blushing. Then add them to the first pot.

Fifth step

Add 3 glasses of water to the mixed in high temperature and wait until the water boils. Then put the temperature of stove on low and put the cover of the pot and wait for 3 or 4 hours until the oil of walnut around your stew appears.

Now your stew is prepared. Eat with cooked rice (the way of cooking rice has explained in chelow kebab post).

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