Fandoqlu Forest; Covered in Flowers

Fandoqlu Forest; Covered in Flowers


Fandoqlu Forest; Covered in Flowers

In this post, we want to explain about Fandoqlu forest that is known as the plain of chamomiles. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Fandoqlu Forest.


Fandoqlu Forest is mostly known because of its hazelnuts. Fandoq is a Persian world that means hazelnut in English. Every year, a festival of chamomiles is held here. You can enjoy nature, use tele cabin, swim in warm springs and ski on grasses in Fandoqlu Forest.

The forest is located in Namin county which is a part of Ardabil province. Plains of chamomiles attract a lot of people every year. There are different plants like trees of apple, straw berry and . . . in here. Vastness of the forest is 16000 hectares.


  1. Way to the Forest

On the way to the forest, you will get surprised by plains of chamomiles. By seeing this picturesque scene, you might think the plain is covered by snow.

  1. Landscapes

Different plants give a great landscape to the forest.

  1. Plains of Chamomiles

As we explained, when you see them at first time, you feel the plain is covered by snow. Chamomile flowers are common in the plains near the forest.

  1. Tele Cabin

State of tele cabin starts from Heyran region in Astara city and ends in Fandoqlu Forest.

  1. Ski Resort

One of the attractions of the forest is Ski resort. Competitions of ski on grasses are taken place here, annually.

  1. Warm Springs

One of the warm springs of the forest is Ali Dashi which is useful for some diseases like pains in waist and arms.

     7. Picnic and Photography

Never miss opportunities. This forest is the favorite place of tourists who love picnic and photography.

Plants and Animals

In Fandoqlu Forest, different plants live, we referred to them above. Also, here is home to different animals like brown bear, wolf, fox, golden eagle, crow and etc.


In springs and summers, weather is cool, in autumns is rainy and in winters is so cold. Best seasons for traveling are spring and summer.


There are some cabins in the forest with facilities in which you can stay there.

How to Get There?

There are three ways for getting to Fandoqlu Forest. First, way of Ardabil to Astara city near Namin county. When you moved from Ardabil to Astara, use signs to get to Fandoqlu Forest. Another way is Heyran region. Continue your way from Heyran to Gildeh village to reach here. You can also reach here from Heyran by tele cabin.

Address: Iran, Ardabil Province, Namin County, Fandoqlu Forest

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