Eram Garden; Enjoy Fresh Weather

Eram Garden; Enjoy Fresh Weather


Eram Garden; Enjoy Fresh Weather

Eram garden is a historical Persian garden in Shiraz, Iran. The garden, and the building within it, are located at the northern shore of the Khoshk River in Fars province.


Date of construction of this building is unknown, but there are some descriptions in itineraries in 11th and 13th century about the garden. This building also was in Saljughid and Injuids period and also Karim khan (a king of Zandieh). In Qajar period, Qashqai Grandees dominated the garden for 75 years and  built an edifice. In Nasseruddin period, another edifice planned to be built by Hussein Ali Nasirolmolk and after his death, his cousin (Abolqasem Nasirolmolk) completed the construction of edifice. This garden was also ruled by Qavami’s relatives.

In this garden there are a lot of plants from different countries. Today, Shiraz university is ruling the garden. In 2011, this building was recorded as a cultural heritage.


Central edifice is the core of the garden. Architecture style of the garden is a magnificent architecture of Qajar period and imitated from Zandieh architecture.

This edifice is consisted of three floors with different decorations:

1. down floor: A basement for resting in summer days decorated with flashy tiles.

2. middle and top floors: decorated with columns that are imitated from Takht-e Jamshid architecture.

On the top part of the front of the edifice, there is a painting of Ferdowsi’s epic and battles of Qajar kings.

For 70 years, Qashqai grandees dominated the garden that finally seized by King Reza Pahlavi.

Yard of the Garden

In the southern part of the garden, There is a Khosk river stretched from east to west. Width of the garden is more than 3000 hectares and it is covered with citrus and cedar trees. Most interesting part of the garden is the street that of which length is from east to west, crossing through the garden and surrounded by cedar trees that gives a special beauty. The garden was built with helps of Queen Farah Pahlavi and bought by government, then repaired, and finally awarded to university of Shiraz.

Before helping budget of Queen Farah Pahlavi and the government, the garden was like a destroyed placed that after some years, was repaired in different parts like windows, oil paintings on the walls, and tiling.

One of the good views of the garden is the metal windows and entrance doors of main building made by wood of teak tree, remained from Qajar period so far unchanged.

Tiling on the top of main building of the garden is unique (if you compare tiling of different places built in Qajar period, they are not like tiling of Eram Garden).

There is also a crypt placed under the main building with flowing water that is a good place for living in summer.

At the end, we can say this garden is collection of best arts (architecture, art, coping stones, and so on) of Qajar period.

How to Get There?

Best way for getting there is taking a taxi, Eram Garden placed in Eram street.

Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Eram street

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