Elimalat Lake; A Diamond Surrounded by Trees

Elimalat Lake; A Diamond Surrounded by Trees


Elimalat Lake; A Diamond Surrounded by Trees

If you ask anyone about his or her experience of traveling to north of Iran, you will hear about beautiful nature, green forests, lakes and etc.
Today we want to make you familiar with one of the beautiful lakes in Mazandaran.

About Elimalat Lake

Elimalat lake is located in Nur, a city of Mazandaran province in Iran. The way to reach the lake is dreamy. You can also use facilities built near the lake. Nature of here is awesome and the lake between forest shines like a diamond.


1. Way to Lake

When you are passing the road to Elimalat lake, you feel as if you are in the road to heaven. Cool weather, scent of trees and green nature bring a good feeling to you.

2. Hiring a Boat

You can hire pedal and motorboats. If you want to pay more money and love excitement, it is better for you to hire motorboat.

3. Photography

You can take beautiful pictures. No need to explain about this part because if you see the green nature, you will understand that it is a beautiful place for taking beautiful photos.

4. Fishing

If you like fishing, the Elimalat lake is a good place but pay attention that fishing is forbidden from March until the end of May and if you catch any fish during these months, you will be arrested.

5. Walking

You can walk and enjoy the nature around the lake.

6. Facilities

There are barbecues and pergolas near lake. You can use facilities for cooking and tenting under pergolas. There are also other places like coffee shop, restaurants, bathrooms, and suites for passengers.

You can travel to Elimalat lake during all seasons, but winter is only offered to professional passengers.

How to Get There?

Travel to Nur city in Mazandaran province, follow the way from Nur to Chamestan, on the way, turn to Elimalat way.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Nur city, Elimalat Lake

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