Doimaj; Food from Qazvin City

Doimaj; Food from Qazvin City


Doimaj; Food from Qazvin City

If want to get familiar with every city in Iran, you should know the souvenirs and ethnic foods of it. Specially western part of Iran in where there are various types of foods.

Doimaj is a delicious ethnic food of Qazvin city.


Dry bread (4 loaves)

Buttermilk (1 cup)
Cheese (200 gr)
Butter (100 gr)
Crushed walnut (in sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

Tear up loaves of bread with your hand in a bowl. Next step, add buttermilk to it and mix them with riling. Cut some parts of cheese and add them to the bowl. Add butter (liquid mood) with crushed walnut and mix them with your hands. Give a circle shape to them with your hand until they stick together.

Guidance: this food is mostly eaten as breakfast. Having vegetables and grapes will make it more delicious.

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