Dez Dam Lake; Glory of Nature

Dez Dam Lake; Glory of Nature


Dez Dam Lake; Glory of Nature

One of the attractions of Dezful city in Khuzestan province is a Dez Dam Lake. Dez Dam or Shahyun lake is located in Shahyun region, northwest of Dezful near Pamanar village. Shahyun is a region with area of 302 square kilometers situated in 15 kilometers north of Dezful city. Source of water of the lake is mount of Arak province. The lake is suitable part for different watersports like sailing, swimming and etc. There are small islands with almond trees. Area of the biggest island on the lake is 60 thousands square meters.

In this island, there are different trees like almond and willow. Some animals like mouse, rabbit, fox and different birds live here.

Due to the suitable geographical situation, Dez Dam Lake is one of the best places for fishing and sailing boats. Also, there are boats for tourists and passengers to have good time.

In some parts, depth of the lake is 50 meters. There are also different attractions near the lake you can enjoy watching them like canyons, mounts and etc.

Because of the situation of shahyun region, located near Zagros mountain where is cold, the weather is changeable. In summers, warm wind blowing from south and cold winds blowing from north, make the weather of region mild.

How to Get There?

Follow Shahyun Road from Dezful. You will reach two ways that one of them leads you to the lake. Follow Daryache road to reach Dez Dam lake.

Address: Iran, Khuzestan Province, Dezful City, Dez Dam Lake

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    It’s wrong. Dez dam is in Andimeshk

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