Darband; A Good Picnic with Different Enjoyments Close to Tehran

Darband; A Good Picnic with Different Enjoyments Close to Tehran


Darband; A Good Picnic with Different Enjoyments Close to Tehran

Anyone for having a good time has different ideas. For example, picnic is a good idea. In picnic people can ride bicycle, exercise, mountaineer and etc.

You can find all of these pastimes in Darband, a place in north of Tehran. Nearly, there are some people in Tehran who has never heard the name of this place. Also, there are some young and old people who have good memories about Darband. Keep on reading so that myDorna will make you familiar with Darband.

Why Darband?

1. it is one of the common offers to the passengers from different nations.

2. it is a good place for different pastimes like picnic, mountaineering, riding bicycle and etc.

3. it has a beautiful nature.

Information about Darband

Surely, first selection of Tehrani people to have good times is Darband. This place is located near Alborz mountains, 1700 meters above the surface. The most famous part of Darband is Sarband square with sculpture of a mountaineer. There are different places around this square like restaurants, a beautiful river, a twin waterfall and etc.

Enjoyments of Darband

1. Chairlift of Darband

2. Good Weather

3. Nights of Darband: Nights of Darband are more beautiful than its days. Different lights give a beautiful view to this place. In Iran, nights of Darband are so famous.

4. Beverages and Foods: for most of the people, beverages and foods of a good place are priorities. Some places like cafes and restaurants of Darband are demanded by every passenger.

5. Walking and Picnic

6. Sled of Darband

7. Photography: Existence of different and eye-catching parts like a beautiful nature, sculpture of a mountaineer in Sarband Sq. and mountains, have made Darband as a good place for photography.

8. Mountaineering and Rock Climbing

Best Season for Taking a Trip to Darband

Due to its location, Darband is a good place for taking trip in all the seasons. Summers are mild and winters are cold. In springs, blossoms are beautiful and in autumn, orange leaves give a very exaggerated beauty to this place.

How to Get There?

You should reach Tajrish Sq. then, you can use BRT buses, subway and taxi. Also, around Tajrish Sq., taxies and cars which are going to Darband can be found.

Address: Iran, Tehran province, Tehran city Darband

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