Damy Yarma; Ethnic Food of Ardabil

Damy Yarma; Ethnic Food of Ardabil


Damy Yarma; Ethnic Food of Ardabil

Damy Yarma is a delicious and is one of the best ethnic foods of Ardabil city. Yarma is a Turkish word, meaning wheat groats. Keep on reading so that myDorna would introduce here to you.


Two Carrots (chopped)

Wheat groats (1 cup)

Two small potatoes (chopped like a cube)

Tomato paste (a tablespoon)

Minced meat (100 gr)

Water (nearly 3 cups)

An onion

Oil, salt and turmeric (in sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

Chop an onion like big cubes and roast it with oil in a medium pot until the color of them changes to orange, on stove with medium temperature. Add minced meat and tomato paste. Then add chopped potatoes and carrots to the mix. Lower the temperature and put the cover of the pot until for 10 minutes so that mixed material are cooked. After 10 minutes, mix turmeric, water, wheat groats, again in medium temperature in separate pot. When the water of it evaporated, add materials you mixed in first step(meat, onion, and etc.) to the pot of water, and put the cover of pot with filter in low temperature until the food is cooked.

Pay attention that materials you mixed with oil be cold when you want to mix them with water.

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