Churat Lake; Memorial of An Earthquake

Churat Lake; Memorial of An Earthquake


Churat Lake; Memorial of An Earthquake

When you look at the pictures of the lake, it looks like a painting board. Churat lake is placed near Sari city in Mazandaran province. Around the lake, you can see a European landscape.

Seeing nature, crossing the lake, hearing sound of wind and birds, are just a fraction of beauties of this region. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Churat Lake.

Description of Churat Lake

Churat or Miyanshe lake is 1034 meters higher than level of the sea. Area of the lake is 2.5 hectares and it is placed near Churat village. The reason that has made the lake special is not only nature around. It has another reason; how it was created. In the past, here was a river that because of earthquake it was blocked and as a result, the lake was created. when the level of water goes down, you can see trunks of trees which existed before.

Recreations in Churat Lake

  1. Fishing

Local people believe that migratory birds have brought the spawns of fish to the lake. Others think that when the birds swam in waters, the spawns were stuck to their wings and after immigrating to Churat lake, they were released.

  1. Watching Fog

If you are a lucky passenger, when the weather is foggy, you can see clouds on lake.

  1. Off-road driving

The way to the lake is suitable for off-road driving. If you have an off-road car, you can enjoy driving by your vehicle.

  1. Walking

You can walk around the lake or in forest.

Attention: never swim in this lake even if you are a professional swimmer. Because of the dense plants, if you swim, you will get stuck in the lake.

Attention: best seasons for traveling are spring and autumn.

How to Get There?

After reaching Sari city, follow the way to Keshavarz Boulevard. You will get to two ways that one of them leads you to Churat. You have to pass 15 kilometers to Churat village and 10 kilometers to the lake.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran province, Sari city, Churat Lake

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