Chaleshtar Castle in Shahrekord, Iran


Chaleshtar Castle in Shahrekord, Iran

Because of the rich history, Iran is one the most important countries filled with different attractions including natural and human-made.

Chaleshtar Castle in Shahrekord, Iran

Chaleshtar Castle is one of those that was built in the era of Qajar dynasty.

The architecture of this castle is a combination of the European and Iranian architecture.

Chaleshtar Castle in Shahrekord, Iran

The castle is 5 kilometers away from Shahrekord, the center of Chahar Mahal-O-Bakhtiary province and its largeness is about 12000 meters.

There are columns in the middle of the Castle made of stones.

Chaleshtar is an area that used to be the center of Safavie dynasty in the west of Iran.

Chaleshtar Castle in Shahrekord, Iran

There are historical buildings near to the castle such as mosque, subterranean canal, baths, stable and etc.

There is a house owned by kings in the past that has several traditional traces called Iwan in Farsi. The paintings on the columns stuck to the Iwans are about mythical figures, routine activities, plants, birds and flowers. In some cases, we can touch the paintings.

The rooms located in this castle contain some Iranian and western drawings that this type of painting is called London painting.

Chaleshtar Castle in Shahrekord, Iran

In addition to the paintings, we can see verses of Quran and Nezami`s books shaved on stones.

An underground is built in this castle that has shaved-shapes of traditional fruits such as grapes, traditional figures like angels, and vases.

If you really like to see the combination of Iranian and western architecture, and at the same time consider the rich-looking paintings and enjoy the good weather of the area, mydorna strongly suggests visiting this place.

How to get there?


First of all, you have to get to Shahrekord city (the capital of Chahar Mahal-O-Bakhtiary province). Then since Chaleshtar is not so much far from central city, you can easily reach it.

Address: Iran ,Chahar Mahal-O-Bakhtiary province, Shahrekord city, Chaleshtar Castle

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