Chahkooh Strait, Hormozgan Province, Iran


Chahkooh Strait, Hormozgan Province, Iran

In the south of Iran, the interaction of sea, beach, desert and straits is so beautiful. Also, there are hospitable people who welcome every passenger, either they are is Iranian or foreigner.

Chahkook strait is a mysterious place that mydorna is going to introduce to you in the following lines.

Chahkooh is located in Chahoo village in the east of Qeshm island. There are holes, undergrounds and hidden places that we can find the same geological phenomena in other countries such as: Germany, England, China and The United States.

This natural erosion is in a valley which is 100 hundred in depth. The exact distance of Chahkooh strait is about 70 kilometers far from Qeshm island.

In the first glance, the strait is seen so deep and wide that everybody can walk through the paths but in the end, going through passages is so difficult.

In some holes, we can see some mine from which water is gushing.

The entrances of the valley are different with each other. For example, in the northern part, gradient is not so steep but in the other parts, it is not the same.

If from far distance, you look at the strait, you can see the English letter “U” which made of huge rocks.

The walls are made of lime and the colors seen on them are maroon, red, etc.

If you are interested in natural and geological phenomena, mydorna suggests visiting this amazing place.

How to get there?

As previously mentioned, Chahkooh Strait is located in Hormozgan Province, in the south of Iran, so if you get to there by airplanes, easily you can take a taxi to reach the Chahkooh Strait.

Address: Iran, Hormozgan Province, 70 kilometers away from Qeshm island in eastern part of that.

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