Capsule Domiciles; Sea Tourism

Capsule Domiciles; Sea Tourism


Capsule Domiciles; Sea Tourism

Asaluyeh is one of the industrial cities of Iran that is under smokes in the beliefs of the people, but this city has different attractions. Some people believe that southern part of Iran is hot in summers, but you do not feel the hotness near the sea. Also, when the wind or breeze blows on wet sands of the sea, it has a feeling as if an air conditioner is working.

In this city, there are different domiciles like a capsule or pipe. These domiciles are known as viola and it is easy to change their place.

What Is Viola?

Viola means Glassiber Reinforced Plastic Pipe (GPR) and it is a capsule or pipe in which you can stay and sleep. These pipes have been brought from stockpiles of petrochemical factories to the seaside, but can you sleep in them with your family.

source: toptourism

They are big with length of 12 meters so that you and your family can stay and sleep in them. They are also used as floating suites. These suites are ferrous, but there is a cover of wood on them.

How to Get There?

This place is located at Shirinu harbor near Bushehr street, you can have access to this place by any vehicle. Unfortunately, there is not exact information about here in google maps. For finding this place, it’s better to ask from the people in harbor.

Address: Iran, Bushehr Province, Asaluyeh city, Sirinu Harbor, Bushehr Street

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