Borujerdis House in Kashan


Borujerdis House in Kashan

Isfahan is a central province of Iran which has some beautiful cities around it.

Borujerdis House in Kashan

Kashan is one of those historical cities containing different sightseeings and tourist attractions.

Borujerdis House is a place which is located in the northern east part of the city, in Sultan Mir Ahmad region.

The house was built in the second half of 13th century A.H.

Borujerdis House used to be the gathering place of the kings in Qajar era but now it is used as the office of cultural affairs of Kashan.

Borujerdis House in Kashan

The roof of the house is like a crescent and there is a hat-like shape on the top of that.

Valuable paintings by famous Iranian artists like Mirza Abul-Hassan Ghaffari and Mirza Mohammad-Khan Ghaffari known as Kamal Al-Molk and pretty plaster moldings in the house can be seen very weel.

Seyed Hassan Natanzi was the owner of the house and Ali Maryam Kashani was the architect.

Borujerdis House in Kashan

Borujerdis House has two floors and one underground which the symbol of Iranian traditional houses.

The largeness of the house is about 3000 meters and has a very huge yard. Additionally, a main and a secondary door, kitchen, covered yards and etc. are included in the Borujerdis House.

In contrast with the public`s belief, the house is not related to Borujerdis but since Kashani people used to trade with Borujerdis so much, everybody thinks that the house has something to do with Borujerdis.

Borujerdis House in Kashan

The architect of the house is a person who managed the Tabatabaee house and Timche Amin Al-Dulla to be built.

About 150 masons and other people were involved to build the house.

Mydorna strongly suggest visiting Kashan and specially Borujerdis House.

How to get there?

The house is located in the northern east part of the city, so by taking a taxi or using a bus you can reach there.

Address: Iran, Isfahan province, Kashan, Sultan Mir Ahmad region, Borujerdis House.

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