Hasht Behesht; A Palace of Safavid Kings

Hasht Behesht; A Palace of Safavid Kings


Hasht Behesht; A Palace of Safavid Kings

Hasht Behesht is a historical palace known as the most beautiful one during Safavid era. Be with Dorna Trip to know more about Hasht Behesht.


At the heart of Isfahan city and in the middle of a garden, there is a palace named as Hasht Behesht. There used to be different palaces near the garden but only Hasht Behesht has remained. This palace was built during the reign of Shah Soleyman and was the most beautiful palace in the world in Safavid era.


As we referred, the palace was built during the reign of Shah Soleyman. It seems that Shah Soleyman built here as harem for 8 women. Different travelers like Jean Charden have described this palace in their travelogues.

Hasht Behesht During Qajar Era

During the reign of Naser-Ad-Din Qajar,

He entrusted the palace to a woman with name of Ozma-Ad-Doleh. After death of Ozma-Ad-Dole, her heirs made different changes to the palace and garden and they nearly destroyed art of Safavid. In 19th century, government of Iran with help of Iranian and Italian archaeologists tried to revive the palace and repair it. Unfortunately, incompetency of Qajar kings changed the garden. Because of fountains, trees and gardens, tourists thought that this palace was built during Qajar era, but nowadays, most of them are destructed.


Hasht Behesht Palace is octagonal. Different rooms with attractive decorations are the positive points of this palace. The first thing that attracts you as you enter is different hallways. The palace has four sides with porches. Main porch of the palace is in northern part. There is a pool in front of the main porch. Internal part of the palace is decorated with plasters and mirrors with different attractions. The main palace has two floors. In the 2nd floor, there are rooms, arches and lattice windows.

Address: Iran, Isfahan City, Shahid Rajaee Park, Hasht Behesht Palace

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