Best Tourist Attractions of Iran from the Point of view of U.S Agency

Best Tourist Attractions of Iran from the Point of view of U.S Agency


Best Tourist Attractions of Iran from the Point of view of U.S Agency

Iran is a country with age of 7000 years and one of the countries as a center of civilization, art, history, etc.

Art, history, civilization and other positive points of Iran attract twenty-first-century tourists every year from all around the world. Different agencies and websites started to make propaganda after increasing tourists traveling to Iran and talk about best places, art, people and other attractions that one of them is Zagraham expeditions. Be with us to get familiar with top 10 best tourist attractions of Iran.

  1. National Jewelry Museum

A museum full of jewelries remained from reign of different governs. One of them is the sea of light which was brought to Iran from India by Nader Shah.

Address: Tehran, Imam Khomeini Square, Ferdowsi street, Markazi Bank Building

Times of Visiting: 02:00 until 04:30 P.M

Days of Visiting, Saturdays until Tuesdays.

  1. Naqsh-e Jahan Square

The second huge square in the world. There are different historical places like Ali-Qapu Palace, Qeysarieh Market and Sheikh Lotfoallah Mosque.

Places and square here were constructed in Safavid era in 17th century. During the years, different ceremonies like firing were held here.

Address: Isfahan, Sepah Street

  1. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

A mosque without minarets near Naqsh-e Jahan street. The mosque was used by high ranks. Having no minaret show that here is not for people.

Days of Visiting: every day

Time of Visiting: 09:00 A.M until 12:30 P.M

02:00 until 06:00 P.M

4. Nasir-Al-Molk Mosque

A mosque in Shiraz city with different view of colorful lights dating back to Qajar era. Never miss here when you traveled to Shiraz.

Times of Visiting: 08:00 A.M until 01:00 P.M and 03:00 Until 07:30 P.M in springs and summers.

In autumns and winters: 08:00 until 11:30 A.M and 03:00 until 05:30 P.M

Address: Shiraz City, south of Lotfali Khan Street.

  1. Shah Cheragh

A suitable place for Muslims. Seyed Mir Ahmad also known as Shah Cheragh is brother of Imam Reza killed by Mamun Abbasi.

Address: Shiraz, Ahmadi Street

  1. Imam Reza Holy Shrine

The most known religious place of Iran is Shrine of Imam Reza. Every year, numerous tourists visit here.

  1. Persepolis

Takht-e Jamshid or Persepolis is the most known stony structure and historical part of Iran located in Shiraz. It was built during the years by different kings of Achaemenid Empire, but Alexander destroyed some parts of it.

Days of Visiting: Every day

Times of Visiting: 08:00 A.M. until 05:30 P.M.

Address: Fars Province, 7 kilometers north of Shiraz

  1. Fin Garden

A garden with different fountains and water springs in Kashan city. The garden was built by order of Shah Safi in Safavid era.

Days of Visiting: Everyday except holidays

Times of Visiting: 08:30 A.M. until 19:00 P.M.

Address: Kashan, Amirkabir Street

  1. Abyaneh Village

A red village with age of 1500 years located in Kashan city. Felling of living in red village with welcoming people can be inspiring for tourists.

  1. Wind wards of Yazd

A city located in a desert with hot weather should have technologies for making the weather of the houses cool. Wind wards of Yazd are old and natural technologies making the weather of houses cool with air circulation.

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