Beris Beach; Favorite of Fishermen

Beris Beach; Favorite of Fishermen


Beris Beach; Favorite of Fishermen

A cool beach with hospitable and kind people. This is just a short definition of Beris beach. This beach is known because of fishing and if you are a fisherman, it could be special place for you. Here you will see fishermen and kind people. Watching sunset with seagull, walking around the beach and hearing sounds of water and seagull are just a few lovely points of Beris.

Fishermen usually hunt sharks and shrimp here. Beris is 10 meters above the sea level. Beris is located 55 kilometers eastern of Chabahar city. This beach is part of Negour in where more than 6000 people live.

How to Get There?

From Chabahar, follow Oghyanus Boulevard to find highway which leads to other cities. Follow the highway to the east for reaching Beris Beach

Address: Iran, Sistan & Balouchestan Province, Beris Beach

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