Bazaar Reza; Traditional and Spacious

Bazaar Reza; Traditional and Spacious


Bazaar Reza; Traditional and Spacious

About Bazaar Reza

Bazaar Reza in Mashhad was designed by the famous architect Dariush Borbur in 1355 and under his supervision was constructed in the time span of eleven months. Due to the fact that Mashhad is a touristy and religious place, trading in this city has always been profitable and remunerative. One of the commercial centers of this city is Bazaar Reza which is one of the must-to-go places of any tourist who comes to Mashhad.

Bazaar Reza complex is located near Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, on the eastern side of Imam Reza Street, and with its traditional structure and shops, is one the most favorable places to buy and sell things.

The market is constructed in two floors, on the second floor there are small workshops of gilding, ringing, turquoise and embroidery.

Physical Specifications of Bazaar Reza

Foundation of the stores: 2368 square meters, excluding the facilities and market corridors

Number of stores: 1711 units

Number of floors: 2 floors; ground level and upper

Market length: 960 meters

Market width: 33 meters

The ground floor contains 100 shops of 10 square meters

The upper floor includes 56 shops of 5 square meters and 64 shops of 10 square meters

Each market has 7 vestibules on the ground floor with 40 shops of 7 or 8 square meters and on the upper floor there are 16 shops of 7 or 8 square meters

Description of Bazaar Reza

At the time of the destruction around Holy Shrine of Imam Reza in 1354 A.D., the construction of Bazaar Reza began and it ended in the early fifties.

Bazaar Reza is located in the southeastern part of Holy Shrine and begins from the eastern side of Jerusalem Square to the square of 17th Shahrivar.

Bazaar Reza has two main entrances and outlets in Jerusalem Square and the square of 17th Shahrivar. The length of the market, in two corridors and two floors, is about 3 kilometers and the length of each market is 750 meters.

In Bazaar Reza, which is the largest shopping center for travelers and pilgrims, various types of goods and souvenirs, such as agate and turquoise, gold and silver, as well as all kinds of perfumes, saffron, candy, dresses and rhinestones are sold.

Because of its closeness to Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, the market is considered as one of the most important shopping centers in Mashhad.

How to Get There?

From every part of Mashhad, you can get to Bazaar Reza because it is in the central part of city. Also, taxi, bus and metro are the transportations by which you can reach Bazaar Reza.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan, Mashhad, Bazaar Reza

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