Bandar Anzali; European City in Iran

Bandar Anzali; European City in Iran


Bandar Anzali; European City in Iran

Bandar Anzali is one of the beautiful cities of Iran. Some attractions of this city like coast boulevard, harbor and lagoon convinced us to call Bandar Anzali a European city.

Anzali Lagoon

This lagoon is a suitable palace for fishing and it is residence of different migrating birds. Between the lagoon, there are small beautiful islands. Width of this big lagoon changes during the year because of average of rainfall.

This lagoon has a special ecosystem because of various birds, fishes and plants. Sailing boat on Anzali lagoon is a good idea for having a good time in this city.

Sarkhankol; Part of Anzali Lagoon

Sarkhankol is a part of Anzali lagoon that is placed in the middle part of that. It is a central area for different species of birds to migrate in winter. This lagoon is covered with piped plants, ipomoea tricolor flowers and etc.

Coast Boulevard

This part of city is the first park that was built. This park is like European parks and it has a landscape of harbor. You can see dance of waves, moving ships, flying birds and beautiful view of sunset.

Hafezia of Anzali

Near Anzali Municipality, there is a place like Hafez tomb which was built in 1932 by order of mayor of the city by German architectures. This place is used for holding concerts but today it is used as art exhibition.

Bridges of Anzali

In the past, there was Ghazian city separated from Anzali. In 1935, some bridges were built for connecting these two cities.

Military Museum

This place with big windows and white color can be considered as a palace as well. Military museum is used for keeping weapons. Construction of this palace started in 1929 by order of Rezakhan (king Reza Pahlavi) with Iranian architects and finished in the year of 1931.

Ship of Mirza Kuchak Khan

This ship with length of 74 meters, height of 20 meters and 5 floors, was built in Japan in the year of 1971. Although Mirza Kuchak Khan didn’t use this ship, it is called with this name. Ship of Mirza Kuchak Khan has 22 cabins and capacity for 250 passengers.

Wave breaker

In the past, this wave breaker was built for protecting boats and ships against waves and today it is a good place for visiting.

Clock Tower

This tower is one of the old parts of this city that was built by Khosro Khan Gorji in the year of 1815.

Coastal Village

It is no exaggeration if we say it is the biggest city garden in Iran. This place has hypermarkets, restaurants, mosques, swimming pool and other places which can be found in a small city.

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How to Get There?

The nearest city to Bandar Anzali is Rasht. You need to pass 40 kilometers from Rasht to Anzali. Be careful a lot because accidents in this road take place frequently during the year.

Address: Iran, Gilan province, Bandar Anzali

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