Baghrud; Nature of Nishapur

Baghrud; Nature of Nishapur


Baghrud; Nature of Nishapur

In the northeastern part of Nishapur city, there is a region with name of Baghrud with spectacular and green nature. Baghrud is covered with trees of walnut, cherry, apricot, apple and white poplar and the weather in Baghrud is excellent. Near Baghrud region, you can have access to villages of Buzhan and Barfriz. Water of the rivers in this natural beauty is cold and fresh. As their job, people usually do farming, gardening and animal husbandry. There is a camp of Shahid Rajaee here which is consisted of a library, mosque, restaurant and etc.

There is also a military base near Baghrud region. There is a green field in the camp for playing soccer. On the upper part of the camp, saffron fields, gardens and the dam of Baghrud can be found. At the western part of Baghrud, there is a village with name of Barfriz. Since in this mentioned village snowfall is common, here is called Barfriz. You can look at the city from the roof of the houses in this village. There are other attractions like Haft Ghar, Darbehesht and Buzhan. We suggest you never forget to visit these natures.

How to Get There?

Pass 10 kilometers of the northern road from Baghrud Square.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan Province, Nishapur City, Baghrud Region

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