Bagh Melli; Park in the Heart of a Metropolitan

Bagh Melli; Park in the Heart of a Metropolitan


Bagh Melli; Park in the Heart of a Metropolitan

In all historical cities of Iran there is a park or garden named as Melli (national) and Mashhad is not, therefore, an exception.

About Bagh Melli

This park is the first park of Mashhad which is situated in Imam Khomeini street, next to Jannat bazaar.

There was a qanat named as Rokn Abad in the past the water of which used to pour in Bagh Melli.

Due to the closeness of this garden, or better saying park, here was the central place for having national ceremonies held in Mashhad.

Nowadays, the park is only used as a local place for people, but it has its own significance among all Mashhadi people.

This park is not that much large and it is not less beautiful compared to the other local parks.

The main reason of popularity of this place is the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of it in the very central part of Mashhad as the second populated city of Iran.

In Bagh Melli there are lots of planar trees which are so tall and we can consider them as historical creatures.

The largeness of Bagh Melli is about 26 thousand square meters and at the end of that there is a studio belonged to Mashhad broadcasting organization.

History of Bagh Melli

Haj Hussein Malek, the landlord of Malek house and Bagh Melli, devoted this place to Mashhad municipality in the year of 1348 A.H.

How to Get There?

As myDorna has stated, Bagh Melli is located in the central part of Mashhad which means you can get there by taxi, car, bus or even metro. You can also reach Bagh Melli after walking for 15 minutes from Shohada Sq. as the center of Mashhad.

Address: Iran, Mashhad, Imam Khomeini street, Bagh Melli

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