Badab-e Surt; Colorful Springs

Badab-e Surt; Colorful Springs


Badab-e Surt; Colorful Springs

Badab-e Surt springs also known as colorful springs attract tourists any year from all around the world.

These springs are located in Mazandaran province, southern part of Sari city in Surt village. Badab means Sparkling water and Surt means intensity of effect. These fountains were recorded in 2007 as a second natural source.


Badab-e surt consists of two main different springs with differences in features of color, taste, smell and etc.

Water of first spring is so salty and very useful for curing pains and ills like rheumatism, migraine and skin diseases. These springs never freeze in winter because of their salt.

Another spring is above the first spring on northwestern part with bitter taste and the color of red and orange because of rusts.

Geology Features

These springs are kind of geopolitics springs that date of forming them goes back to the 4th era of creation of the earth.

Best Time for Visiting

Best time for visiting these springs is the time of sunrise and sunset since reflection of sunshine makes a beautiful nature. These springs are placed in the height of 1840 upper sea surface.

How to Get There?

You can reach this place from Tehran by following the roads of Semnan and Mazandaran. Mazandaran roads are the most beautiful and Semnan roads are the safest ways.

Ways to Springs

When you reached Telma Darreh, you will see this sign, the right road will lead you to the springs.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Telma Darreh, Badab-e Surt

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