Baba Aman Park; Home to 400-year-old Trees

Baba Aman Park; Home to 400-year-old Trees


Baba Aman Park; Home to 400-year-old Trees

If you ask any person who is familiar with Iran and its nature that where he/she suggests us to visit in summer and hot days of the year, you will get the answer “go to the north of Iran”.

In fact, north of Iran is famous for having mild weather and intact nature due to the existence of trees, sea, jungles and natural parks.

One of the northern provinces of Iran is North Khorasan and its capital is Bojnord, located in northern part of Razavi Khorasan province.

About Baba Aman Park

On the way from Mashhad to Bojnord, there is an ancient park called Baba Aman.

In Baba Aman there are 400000 trees and several pools and springs.

One of the most interesting things about Baba Aman is a 400-year-old trees which shows how ancient and historical this park is. Also, a branch of Atrak rives is going from the middle of the park.

As myDorna mentioned, there are several pools in Baba Aman from which people can catch fish.

Another wonderful fact about Baba Aman is that the water of the pools is mineral and they boil 300 or 400 times per second.

It is said that the mineral water of Baba Aman Park is useful for curing digestive pains and other in-body illnesses.

How to Get There?

Since Baba Aman Park is situated in the road of Mashhad to Bojnord, you can get there by buses or cars after 6 hours from Mashhad.

Address: Iran, North Khorasan province, Mashhad to Bojnord road, 10 kilometers to Bojnord, Baba Aman Park

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