Ash Reshteh


Ash reshteh also known as Ash-e reshteh is a type of āsh (thick soup) consisted of reshteh (thin noodles), kashk (a whey-like, fermented dairy product), commonly made in Iran and Azerbaijan.

There are more than 50 soups cooked in Iran, but this one is the most famous.


Pinto bean (one cup)

Lentil (one cup)

Chickpea (one cup)

Wheat flour (a tablespoon)

Noddle (600 grams)

Hot onion (1 cup)

Hot garlic (1/2 cup)

Liquid curd (1 kilogram)

Turmeric (in sufficient amount)

Mint (in sufficient  amount)

Two kilograms vegetables (leek, parsley, coriander, spinach, dill)

How to Cook?

A day before you bake, put ingredients (beans, lentil, and chickpea) in water and change the water 2 or 3 times.

Fry onions and garlics in separate pots and add them turmeric when they are riling.

Cook pinto beans and chickpea (until you feel they crush easily). After that, add lentil and vegetables and rile them.

When you feel lentils are cooked, add a little water and fried onions.

Pour flour in a cup of cold water and add it to them. After adding flour, let vegetables cook and lentils become softer (an hour needed for this section).

After an hour, bisect the noodles from the middle and put them to the pot.

From this time, you should stay beside the pot and rile the noodles (Attention: be careful when you rile noodles, so don’t crush them).

During the time, add water to your potage when you feel the water of your potage is decreased. You should add water instantly until your potage becomes attenuate completely.

Then add liquid curd and let it solvate for 5 minutes. Then turn the stove off and wait until your potage changed its color.

Now your potage is prepared.

For making your Ash tastier, you can use hot onion, hot garlic, and mint.

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