Alangdareh Park; Land of Dreams

Alangdareh Park; Land of Dreams


Alangdareh Park; Land of Dreams

For people who live in deserts or not travel a lot to the jingles, taking a trip to green natures may be an amazing idea. North of Iran is known around the world and among people of Iran because of its green natures. Alangdareh park is one of the heaven-like places that we offer you never miss it. By with myDorna for knowing more about Alangdareh.

Description of Alangdareh Park

Alangdareh park with area of 185 kilometers is located at 5 kilometers southwest of Gorgan County on the way of Naharkhoran boulevard. Summers of Alangdareh are cool and winters are snowy and very cold. There is also a historical region in north of park with this name.

Facilities Available in Alangdareh Park

Bathrooms, suites, pergolas, picnic camps and etc. Also, some play grounds are provided for children.

Plants in Alangdareh Park

Plants of Alangdareh are various. There are different kinds of plants like oak, willow, maple and etc.

In this nature, drinking tea will make you feel relaxed. All seasons are good for traveling, but in falls, the park is more beautiful than other seasons.

How to Get There?

Alangdareh located in southwestern part of Gorgan city. You can get there by following Naharkhoran road. On the way, you will see the sign of Alangdareh Park.

Address: Iran, Golestan Province, Gorgan County, Naharkhoran Road, Alangdareh Park

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