Akropol; Castle of Shush

Akropol; Castle of Shush


Akropol; Castle of Shush

Akropol Castle is one of the prominent castles of Iran located in the oldest city of Iran, Shush. Akropol castle is reflecting the ancient culture and historical civilization. The castle was built like European castles.

It is also known as French castle that was built during Qajar era and had antiquity of 120 years. Some people think the antiquity of Akropol is more than 120 years because it is like some castles of Sassanid and Achaemenid era. The reason that has made here famous is the old bricks brought from Dariush Palace for construction. Inscriptions on bricks are like Chogha Zanbil`s.

French and Shush Castle

Kent Loftous was a first archeologist who started the first discoveries in historical part of Shush.

After him, Jane and Marsel Dieulafoy continued investigating. In historical part of Shush, old bricks were found. French party decided to build a castle for keeping antiquities. In the year of 1898, Jacques De Morgan built Shush castle with bricks of Dariush’s Palace.


Architecture of the castle is in line with Bastile Prison in France. Shape of the castle is like trapezius. Around this base, there is a small way and there are rooms around its yard. Like castles of middle age, Akropol has 2 yards that the second one is placed higher than other.

There are two hallways under the second yard. Plaster and bricks of different ages are main materials of Akropol. Architects of the castle were from Dezful city. Akropol Castle has been used as museum from 1993 and it has small glassy room known as Kolah Farangi.

There is a square-like tower located in western part. Another circular tower is located in the middle of the yard. There are eastern and western decorations in here. Because of different bricks here, other name of Shush Castle is Museum of Brick. Akropol Castle was damaged during war of Iran and Iraq and was repaired in the following years. The castle is placed on Akropol Hill in Taleqani street. The castle has got damaged a lot during the times.

Address: Iran, Shush City, Akropol Castle

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